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Our Story

Shine foods is an exporter, supplier and distributor of foods all over the world. We mostly export fast food ingredients such as pizza cheese, french fries, and other related elements. Our expertise and experience can easily help you with what you make and what you eat

We believe in availability and sustainability, and do our best to keep our customers satisfied and happy with what they get 

Unique products are
ready for your use


We are a group of people who strongly believe that what you eat affects what you do and how you think, hence we try to make people’s diet as healthy as we can so your mentality and activities go as brilliantly as possible.
The most essential feature of good food is about how it is made. We always try to find the best food you need. We are always available, and highly committed to what we say.
There are different kinds of foods which are or will be available on our shelves.

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Our Products

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